About Us

Enovachem Pharmaceuticals is an exciting and creative team of healthcare professionals, with experience in academia, finance, research, pharmaceuticals, and regulatory affairs.

We interact daily to further our research, to develop, and manufacture products that will change the landscape of healthcare and create solutions for issues being observed today.

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Meet Our Team

CEO and Founder

Robert P Nickell

Pharmacist BS
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Gulshakar Khwaja

MS BioScience Regulator Affairs/Pharm D

Designated Representative

Christina Hopson

BS Human Biology


Nicole Conrad

BS Marine Biology

Executive Assistant

Jennifer Kramer


Director of Operations

Jennifer Wilson


Focused on You

At Enovachem Pharmaceuticals, patient safety is at the heart of our core values

As per FDA regulations and guidelines, our products undergo rigorous appropriate testing and validation in order to maintain their safety for the patient and their doctor. Although all medications inherently carry the risk of side effects, we hope to minimize the risk to patients by focusing on single use products, and components which are easy to use and to help minimize the risk of cross contamination.

Services We Provide

Single Use Injection Kits

The Single Use Injection Kit, (SUIK) helps the practitioner maintain the CDC guidelines for the One and Only Campaign.

Physician Dispensing

We have a complete platform for tracking, labeling and dispensing in-office medications.


We have a variety of amniotechnolgy solutions, graphs, dehydrated powders, and other products such as specialty bio drugs and stem cells.

Custom Packaging

We offer licensed, contracted, custom packaged medication programs for white label sales.