• Individuals trained to use a
  syringe and give an injection
• Healthcare Practitioners
• School nurses


For Epinephrine Injection

Adyphren™ II Kit

Enovachem Pharmaceuticals joins forces with the CDC’s One & Only Campaign

We are proud to announce that Enovachem has recently become a member of the One & Only Campaign, a public safety campaign to promote safe injection practices in all healthcare settings. By teaming up with the Safe Injection Practices Coalition, we’re joining professional groups, healthcare systems, provider groups, private companies and others dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of injection safety.

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Patient Safety

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EnovaRX™ SSAPI Products are Single Source Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Kits.


EnovaRX™ SUIK are Single Use Injection Kits.

Epinephrine Injection Kits

Kits contain the items required for quick and efficient epinephrine injections.


EC-RX Kits contain Single Source Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


Enovachem offers several other excellent pharmaceutical products.

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We are a creative team of healthcare professionals, with experience in academia, finance, pharmaceuticals, and regulatory affairs. We interact daily to further our research, to develop, and manufacture products that will change the landscape of healthcare and create solutions for issues being observed today. We are committed to working together with medical providers and health insurance payers to help to ensure quality outcomes, by limiting the circulation of disease and allowing for increased compliance.
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