About Us

We are a creative team of healthcare professionals, with experience in acadameia, finance, pharmaceuticals, and regulatory affairs. We interact daily to further our research, to develop, and manufacture products that will change the landscape of healthcare and create solutions for issues being observed today. We are committed to working together with medical providers and health insurance payers to help to ensure quality outcomes, by limiting the circulation of disease, allowing for increased compliance.


The Pharmaceutical Leader in Single Source API (SSAPI™) and Single Use Injection Kits (SUIK™)

Enovachem Manufacturing is a CGMP and CFR Compliant FDA registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, serving physicians, pharmacies, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors nationwide.

Enovachem Manufacturing specializes in the unique brand EnovaRX™ consisting of patented and patent pending FDA Listed Kits designed for pharmacies, and medical offices. Each product goes through extensive review, paperwork, and processing, prior to being listed by the FDA Office of Combination Products (OCP) and published on the government website know as the DailyMed. Each EnovaRX product has been approved and accepted on multiple national database platforms such as Medi-span, Redbook, and First Data Bank.



EnovaRX Traditional Compounds
Labeling, directions, and packaging are listed with the FDA Produced in a licensed pharmacy or physician office; Governed by state boards of pharmacy, packaging, labeling, directions not listed with the FDA
Products are listed in Redbook, Medispan, and First Data Bank No compounds are ever listed in national pharmaceutical publications
All manufacturing must adhere to CGMP guidelines Compounds must follow each individual state regulations
Active Pharmaceutical ingredients must be the same each and every time Pharmacist can choose or change pharmaceutical ingredients in each batch if desired, no requirements
Products are delivered to facility with a set and published AWP Raw bulk ingredients have AWP from a chemical house manufacturer
CGMP process must be followed each time Formulations are designed differently from pharmacy to pharmacy and physician practice to practice
Final dispensing of product can be from any licensed pharmacy or physician practice Final formulation is only sold at the compounding pharmacy in which it was prepared, and not all pharmacies or physician office compound medications

Our Team

Robert P Nickell, Pharmacist BS

CEO and Founder

Gulshakar Khwaja, MS BioScience Regulator Affairs/Pharm D


Jennifer Wilson, CPhT

Director of Operations