We are a creative team of healthcare professionals, with experience in academia, finance, pharmaceuticals, and regulatory affairs. We interact daily to further our research, to develop, and manufacture products that will change the landscape of healthcare and create solutions for issues being observed today. We are committed to working together with medical providers and health insurance payers to help to ensure quality outcomes, by limiting the circulation of disease and allowing for increased compliance.

The Pharmaceutical Leader in EnovaRX™ Single Component Cream Kits and Single Use Injection Kits (SUIK™)


Enovachem Pharmaceuticals is a CGMP and CFR Compliant FDA registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, serving physicians, pharmacies, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors nationwide.

Enovachem Pharmaceuticals specializes in the unique brand EnovaRX™ consisting of patented and patent pending Kits designed for pharmacies, and medical offices. Each product goes through our own extensive review, paperwork, and processing, and is published on the government website known as the DailyMed. Each EnovaRX product has been approved and accepted on multiple national database platforms such as Medi-span and Redbook.

Client Relations

Enovachem sells directly to licensed wholesalers and distributors in the United States. We are always looking for feedback, and input to help improve our delivery, packaging, and product selection.

Each wholesaler or distributor must go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure proper licensure, and ownership. Enovachem has strict terms and conditions placed upon its wholesalers to ensure high quality storage, delivery, and customer service to healthcare professionals.

If you are a wholesaler and are interested in joining the Enovachem Team, please click here to start your application process.

Our Team

CEO and Founder

Robert P Nickell

Pharmacist BS
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Gulshakar Khwaja

MS BioScience Regulator Affairs/Pharm D

Designated Representative

Christina Hopson

BS Human Biology


Nicole Conrad

BS Marine Biology

Executive Assistant

Jennifer Kramer


Director of Operations

Jennifer Wilson